The Her Ruck workshop designed by a Military Spouse for Military Spouses helps you discover what is in your emotional backpack while learning skills to reduce vulnerabilities.  

Active Duty Military is the #1 Stressful Job. 
This stress spills over into the families.  This workshop addresses this stress by using an evidence based treatment model internationally recognized as one of the leading treatments for reducing suicidal ideations. 

This workshop can be customized to Veterans, Veteran Spouses, Active Duty Service Members, Military Couples and Military Children.  
What is inside your Emotional Ruck
Each day we wake up and carry around invisible weight. We call this our emotional backpack or ruck. Contact us to see how you can bring this workshop to your area.
Your Participants Will Learn
These skills help you to focus on the present and attend to what is happening in the here and now in a calm way. It helps people slow down and focus on doing what is needed to care for oneself in the moment. Also really good for anxiety, panic attacks, and understanding oneself.
Interpersonal Effectiveness
These skills teaches respecting the self and others, listening and communicating effectively, dealing with difficult people, repairing relationships and being able to say no. It teaches how to build and maintain relationship and understanding and communicating your needs. 
Emotion Regulation
These skills help people understand their emotions. It teaches people to decrease the intensity of their feelings and helps them ride out strong emotions without acting on them. It provides education about the function of emotions and how to not be swamped by them.
Self Care is an important skill to learn. These skills include relaxation techniques, physical and mental health care, growing and building mastery, and other important tips on reducing the weight in your ruck. 
Crisis Survival
This helps people get through difficult times when emotions are running high. This allows individuals to make wise decisions and avoid engaging in problematic behaviors. 
Community & Resources
Each workshop creates a sense of community and discusses values, morals, and faith. We often partner with local resources to raise awareness in the local area.  
Presented by: Richelle Futch, LICSW
Richelle is an intensively trained Dialectical Behavior Therapist, a United States Marine Corps Veteran and currently married to an Active Duty Special Forces NCO.  She was recently awarded Armed Forces Insurance Fort Bragg Military Spouse of the Year for 2019.  She and her husband have 3 daughters and they are currently stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. 
Participant STatement
" The concept of Her Ruck affords military spouses the opportunity to find community through shared emotional journeys. Richelle Futch is a remarkable person that has worn many hats including: veteran, military wife, and social worker. Her passion for bettering the military culture and helping other spouses develop resiliency is evident. After attending one of Richelle’s workshops, I felt a newfound sense of hope and gratitude. I have continued to reference the workbook and find myself implementing skills in my daily life."
-Morgan Pospisil  Military Spouse
Participant STatement
Richelle is both a teacher and innovator for military spouses, seeking to break through the restraints of emotions and strengthen the wise minds we have. She has such a lovely gift of inspiring us to be mindful and providing a glimpse into the emotional journey of military spouses."
-Ashley Brook  Military Spouse
Partnership STatement
" We hosted an event with Richelle Futch in August. We had about 22 spouses attend. At first our spouses were a bit on the quiet side but once Richelle started speaking about emotional baggage the spouses really began to open up to her and each other. There were tears, there was laughter and definitely bonds created. Our organization purchased the Her Ruck workbooks and T-shirts and offered lunch and childcare. We have had such great reviews that we are looking into bringing her back once our guys redeploy."
-FRSA with 2nd Ranger Bn
Partnership STatement
" Richelle and her team have become my number 1 contact for all topics dealing with Military Spouse well-being. Richelle’s knowledge/awareness of the emotional impact that comes from being a Military Spouse is second to none. Multiple spouses have approached me and have asked that I invite Her Ruck back for another event. In January of 2020, members of the Her Ruck team are flying back out to 2nd Ranger Battalion to conduct a Spouse Re-integration event before husbands return from deployment. I will continue to recommend Her Ruck to
every Military Unit and Organization that I possibly can."
-Chaplain Assistant
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