Authored by: 
Richelle Futch, LICSW
Her Ruck explores the real lives of military wives who’ve shared (and sometimes lost) their spouses with the War in Afghanistan & Iraq for the last 18 years. This real life account researches and highlights the struggles and strengths within this silent community whose sacrifices and burdens are only understood by other MilSpouses. 

Through first hand accounts Her Ruck will speak the unspoken. It will challenge the culture within the military, expose the real after effects and injustices of war on families, and attempt to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. * 
Topics Include: Emotional Abuse, Addiction, Infidelity, PTSD, Anxiety, Misconduct, Effects on Kids, Overcompensation, Secret Keeping, Myths, Finding Strengths, Creating Resilience, Recognizing Concerns, Self-Care, Courageous Conversations, Resources, Relational Skills, etc. -- 

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